PC Matic – Complete Home Security Software

Sometimes having a powerful antivirus is not enough to protect your computer against new threats. For this reason, you need an application that is automatically updated and run in real time, to prevent new computer threats, such as PC Matic Home Security. PC Matic Home Security software is the antivirus which is designed for protect personal computers. With this adaptation of the program for home use, you will have real-time protection and automatic updates to ensure that your computer is completely secure.

And so you do not waste your time, finding out how the program works, PC Matic Home Security includes a very intuitive graphical interface. What are you waiting to download it? PC Matic Download is free.

Using PC Matic, the operating system will be faster, safer and more efficient.

Detail about PC Matic Download

PC Matic: universal software to protect and improve the performance of your computer. The software allows you to control your computer for viruses, scan hard drives, compare benchmarks with other computers and automatically correct problems if they are detected. PC Matic verifies the security level of the computer performs the vulnerability analysis and identifies the add-ons of the browsers. The software improves the performance of the computer by cleaning the registry, disabling the automatic execution of the software, eliminating junk files, deactivating unnecessary Windows tasks, etc. PC Matic also defragments the disks and improves the SSD performance.

Things PC Matic Do:

PC Matic Home Security can be downloaded from its website for free. The real developer of this free program is PC Pitstop LLC. This free PC tool was designed to run on Windows 7 or Windows 8 and can be installed on 32-bit systems.

PC Matic Home Security belongs to the group Security and protection programs, specifically to applications on Antivirus.

PC Matic Home Security.exe is the frequent file name to indicate this program's installer. The most recent installation file size that can be downloaded is 4 MB. The most popular version among the software users is 1.0. It is a complete free safety for your personal PC.


Main Features of PC Matic


Other main Features of PC Matic Home Security

Why need of PC Matic

The Internet can be a scary place. There are online villains that exist only to steal your identity, your online bank accounts, and your self-esteem. The sad reality is that all security products on the market today, free or not, do a poor job protecting against the latest threats online. PC Matic Download offers the most excellent absolute security.

PC Matic makes use of a white list that recognizes good programs that you may desire to run on your Personal computer. There is a little chance that PC Matic security system could block a good application you desire to run, but on the other hand, the PC Matic white list blocks considerably more viruses than any other product. Do not believe us? PC Matic established a record of general and proactive virus detections in April 2014 according to the virus bulletin report.

PC Matic does not stop there. PC Matic also blocks annoying adware, which hijacks your purchases and browsing experience. Sure, they are not viruses, but they enter your computer without your knowledge, and you get economic benefits from you and your computer.

PC Matic repeatedly closes safety holes usually used by free programs. Through these holes, it is possible to visit a conciliation website and obtain infected without clicking or without expressive it. The virus can enter through the hole. The only answer is to continually keep these necessary Internet applications to their most recent revision. The problem is that there are a lot of revisions and it takes a lot of time to install each of them again. So few people do it. PC Matic does it automatically behind the scenes so you do not have to.

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